Bali Community Based Chocolate Production

About us

Batukaru Chocolates was born out of passion for good healthy chocolate bars based on the personal requests from teachers and students of a local yoga studio in Bali. 

Batukaru Chocolates bars are produced with no processed/refined sugar (we use Lontar Palm sugar / coconut sugar from Karangasem), no dairy products (we add healthy cocoa butter instead), no gluten, no soy lecithin, and no preservatives at all. Each of our bars are wrapped with double coated aluminium foil to avoid direct contact with aluminium and therefore much safer to consume. 


What was initially started as a simple plain 85% dark chocolate bar, has progressed into a more diverse flavours, inspired by the suggestions and ideas of the people of this community. Since it was born in 2016, Batukaru Chocolates have now over 18 flavours in total.


Batukaru chocolates chooses to support local Balinese by working with K5 Jari foundation who helps cocoa farmers of West Bali improve the quality of production. We also support Yayasan Muntigunung; a foundation that empowers poor women in East Bali. 


All Batukaru Chocolate bars are artisan-made and are produced in a limited-non-factory scale quantity. 

Our vision and mission is to produce healthy high quality dark chocolate for genuine chocolate lovers , and at the same time supporting and giving back to the local community in Bali.


  • Genuine cocoa (west Bali) and lontar palm sugar (East Bali).
  • Dark chocolate produced in Bali in an artisan scale (max prod: 3000 bars/month)
  • No refined sugar, no dairy products, no gluten, no soy lecithin.
  • Available in 18 choice of flavours.
  • Individually wrapped 50g bar.
  • Laminated label with double coated aluminium foil.


  • Get special price for minimum Order Quantity: 20 bars (any flavour).
  • Discount 10% applicable to order value IDR 3.000.000 or above.
  • Free customized label with your own logo with minimum purchase 20 bars/flavor
  • Delivery to Jakarta is within 3 working days and will incur additional charges (delivery charge, styrofoam box IDR 50.000, ice gel IDR 50.000 /2kg)
  • Free delivery : Kuta, Seminyak, Kerobokan

A Chocolate Story

Cocoa is native to Central America, the name “cacahuatl” comes from an Aztec language. It was the Spanish who brought it to Europe and made it fashionable. Originally cocoa was used in a hot drink with chili and achiote. Cocoa farming has expanded in many tropical countries, Indonesia is the World’s 3rd largest producer just after Ghana and Ivory Coast. In the Mountain of Bali, there are thousands of farmers who grow cocoa at high altitude, often alongside coffee.

From the foothills of Mount Batukaru in the region of Tabanan, our Criollo Cocoa beans are carefully selected by farmer before being sun–dried. They are then roasted by us before being traditionally crushed in a granite grindstone for 24 hours in order to obtain the best quality chocolate. From this chocolate, guaranteed 100% cocoa butter, we manufacture pralines in the purest French tradition, using other local ingredients such as Karengasem cashew nuts, Kintamani coffee or salt from Amed, all for the delight of discerning chocolate lovers!


Hotels : The Oberoi Beach Resort, Blue Karma Secrets, Kuno Villas
Restaurants & Cafes : Gusto Gelato, Cafe Batu Jimbar, Alchemy, Boddhi Leaf Eatery, Daily Baguette
Yoga Studios : Olop Arpipi Yoga Studio, Kore Yoga Studio, Tandjung Sari Hotel Yoga Studio
Groceries : KM0, Scran, Bali Jiwa, Green Habit, Luxofood, Ubud Deli, Mini Deli
Overseas : Farm to Mouth (Singapore), Sin Sin (Hong Kong) 

Different white labels provided to our customers : 
Sin Sin in Hong Kong, Kore for the yoga and Alchemy, Farm to mouth in Singapore, 
Blue Karma secrets, A Gracious Life, Kuno Villas, Own Villas…

What's new

Giftbox for Christmas with 20 chocolates pralines inside – Caramel Cashew and Whisky Truffle

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PT. Aishvarya Adiwangsa Jaya
Jl. Mertanadi 1X Lingkungan Taman
Kerobokan Klod Kuta Utara Badung – Bali

Nama IRT : Coklat Batukaru & Buah Kering Jiwa Bali
P-IRT No. : 8095171010235-24